Young People’s Necessity of Voting

The voting age was lowered to 18 from 20 in Japan. Young Japanese people should have more interest in politics and go voting.  Japanese young people can change the inequallity between older people and young people. Kazuma and Takahiro made this video to show you importance of going voting. (T4J)

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The “Otaku” Culture in Japan

Many people, especially foreigners have some misunderstandings and prejudice towards otaku. So, our purpose is to give some information and to show that otaku are ordinary people who just have more enthusiasm. Yu and Dingxin will help you to understand more about the otaku culture in Japan.  (T3D)

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The raise of tuition of national university

The Japanese government is planning to raise the tuition of national universities. Students and students-to-be in Japan should be concerned that they are in fact the unfair situation. The government receives exchange students with profits though there are not enough financial support for Japanese students. Kiro and Iho explain the fact. (T3E)

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Why baseball is more popular than soccer in Japan

In most countries around the world, the most major sport enjoyed is soccer or football. Thus, it is natural to think that soccer or football would be the most popular sport in Japan. However, baseball is the most popular sport. Furthermore, soccer is not yet a major sport in Japan. Why is this? In this video, Taro and Kengo will explain why this is so. Let’s learn about the Japanese history and mentality of baseball.

-Taro and Kengo (T3F)


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Trains have merits

The theme of this video is trains. We use trains every day without thinking about what will happen if we had no trains or only feeling tired of taking trains. We tend to have negative ideas toward trains, but they have many merits in some aspects. Let’s look at these points.

-Yuya and Victor (T3A)

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12 Persuasive Videos


Coming your way! These 12 (approximately) are from the A2 term at the University of Tokyo. Anything after this post should be considered by the students to give a comment and a star rating.

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Part-time jobs for students

Is it proper for students to have part-time jobs? Will they have time to study? There are some problems, but through this video, Masa and Lee will show you that it’s perfectly compatible! This video was made by Masafumi, Takumi and Yasunori (P4G3) Late

View Video Here.

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