Japanese vending machines


T4H1vendPicDo you know what “vending machine” is ? Have you ever heard of the word “jidouhanbaiki”? If you visit Japan, you will notice that there are many vending machines, or “jidouhanbaiki” in Japanese, anywhere in Japan. Check the dialogue between a foreign boy Rikuto and his Japanese friend Yuya and you will find out what it really is!



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Nintendo Games and Education

Some surprising developments about using technology in the classroom may have some parents upset, others cheering. In this dramatization, a couple argues about using game hardware for learning in class.

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Narrator: Thank you for listening!! Today, we are going to talk about Japanese education. These days, a lot of educational innovations are occurring in Japan. Especially, an interesting trial, using the portable game machine, is conducted in secondary schools. Now, by giving an example, the conversation by Suzuki family, we are going to show you what is occurring in the Japanese educational system.
This conversation was carried out when the Suzuki family had a pleasant time after dinner…..

Boy: OH!! I made mistakes!! It’s a bit difficult, but very exciting!!
Mother: You are playing the useless, stupid Nintendo DS, again? You always do so nowadays. If you have nothing to do, you shouldn’t waste your time on such trifles, but should study harder!! Continue reading Nintendo Games and Education

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