How to use free time more effectively

We can use free time more effectively around Komaba. Students of University of Tokyo should know what they can do around Komaba. Any students of University of Tokyo can use Japanese style room in Komaba campus. Yusuke, Masanobu and Youma show how to use free time more effectively.

-Yusuke, Youma, Masanobu (P3G6) Late

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Japanese food is really healthy? –NO!!

The topic is Japanese food. Nowadays, not only Japanese people, but also many of foreigners take it granted that Japanese food is very healthy. Actually, however, Japanese food has some weak points. Mona, Kiyoto and Wakana will show you some risks of Japanese food, and the solutions.

See video Here.

-Kyoto, Mona, Wakana (P4G4)

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