McDonald’s versus MOS Burger

Which burger chain do university students in Japan like best, the international McDonald’s or the local MOS Burger? Find out in our continued series on unhealthy Japanese food.


Script: McDonald’s vs. MOS BURGER

MC: Hi, ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for downloading this podcast. Today, I’d like to talk about fast-food in Japan. Just like people all over the world, Japanese people love fast-food. The two “M”s are especially popular among Japanese youngsters. The first “M” stands for McDonald’s, while the second stands for MOS BURGER. McDonald’s is a famous hamburger chain, as we all know. MOS BURGER is also a hamburger restaurant. It is not as famous as McDonald’s, but it was born in Japan, and is popular among Japanese people. There are many of kinds of restaurants in Japan, but these two hamburger restaurants are the most popular. Continue reading McDonald’s versus MOS Burger

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Cup Noodle

Continuing our series in Unhealthy Food from Japan, we discuss one of the most popular student food items: Cup Noodle, also known as Cup Ramen. Find out how our students feel about eating this food every day.


Cup Noodle Script
Moderator: Since the first Cup Noodle was released in 1971, various different cup noodles have been eaten and accepted widely in Japan and other countries. We can see 60% of students in our campus eat cup noodles at least once a month as well. These cup noodles have experienced unique development in each country, for example,

Continue reading Cup Noodle

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Dietary Supplements

We start a new series this week, about unhealthy food. Supplements are seen as suspect in many parts of Japan, as inefficient nutrition, even though they are catching on among young people. See what some university students think.

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Choi: Hello, I’m Dr.Choi. Today, I’m going to introduce food supplements which are popular in Japan. My Japanese friends, Yu and Mei are talking.

Yu: I have been very tired recently. I’m working at a part time job 4 hours a day, and 4days a week! I’m suffering from the lack of sleep and nutrition…
Mei: Really? Why don’t you take supplements? I take them every day!
Choi: Supplement is an abbreviated word. It is also called “dietary supplement” or “nutritional supplement” in America. It makes up for the deficiency of nutrition in our daily lives.?Supplements became popular in Japan from the 90s. Continue reading Dietary Supplements

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