Go to bed now!

Sleeping is very important to everyone. But when you were child and you are adult time to sleep is different. What do you usually do before sleeping and how to have a good night. Van and Oanh will show you.

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Improvement of Transportation in Tokyo

Japanese people might thinking our transportation is useful. However if we are traveler, is it same?Actually Japanese transportation is convenient only for Japanese people.   We want to show our video people who think Japanese transportation does not need to change.The Japanese government have to improve more convenient for travelers from abroad. Miho and Akie show you what is a problem of Japanese transportation.


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Part-time jobs for students

Is it proper for students to have part-time jobs? Will they have time to study? There are some problems, but through this video, Masa and Lee will show you that it’s perfectly compatible! This video was made by Masafumi, Takumi and Yasunori (P4G3) Late

View Video Here.

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How to use free time more effectively

We can use free time more effectively around Komaba. Students of University of Tokyo should know what they can do around Komaba. Any students of University of Tokyo can use Japanese style room in Komaba campus. Yusuke, Masanobu and Youma show how to use free time more effectively.

-Yusuke, Youma, Masanobu (P3G6) Late

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