Studio Ghibli: Makers of Hayashi films

Second in a series of 9 podcasts about Japanese TV and movies, we take a look at Studio Ghibli and how it is different from the rest.

Hideaki, Eriko, Sayoka
Hideaki, Sayoka, Eriko


Eri:Sorry, I’m late, Hide.
Hide:I don’t mind. I just got here myself, Eri.
What shall we do tonight?
E:Uh……, how about watching a movie at my place.
Let’s go to the DVD shop.
N:At the DVD shop.
E:We always watch Disney, so how about some Japanese anime this time?
H:That sound’s like fun.

How about a Ghibli anime?
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Nintendo Games and Education

Some surprising developments about using technology in the classroom may have some parents upset, others cheering. In this dramatization, a couple argues about using game hardware for learning in class.

Ref Pod2Per2GrpD


Narrator: Thank you for listening!! Today, we are going to talk about Japanese education. These days, a lot of educational innovations are occurring in Japan. Especially, an interesting trial, using the portable game machine, is conducted in secondary schools. Now, by giving an example, the conversation by Suzuki family, we are going to show you what is occurring in the Japanese educational system.
This conversation was carried out when the Suzuki family had a pleasant time after dinner…..

Boy: OH!! I made mistakes!! It’s a bit difficult, but very exciting!!
Mother: You are playing the useless, stupid Nintendo DS, again? You always do so nowadays. If you have nothing to do, you shouldn’t waste your time on such trifles, but should study harder!! Continue reading Nintendo Games and Education

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Japan US Differences

In this podcast, we hear two students comparing 3 aspects of education in Japan and the US. One student is a returnee that has had lots of experience in the US, the other is a traditional Japanese student. Find out what they think about each of the systems.



Host:Today,we are going to talk about some differences in the educational system in Japan and America.We have invited two guests;Akira Sato and Angela Adler.Akira is a Japanese university student and he is a freshman,and Angela is an Ameriacan university student and she is a senior.Thank you for coming today!
Akira:You’re welcome!
Angela:Glad to be here!

Host:The first topic today is “cram school”.Akira,have you ever been there?

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Boy’s Skills, Girls Schools and Co-ed schools

There are about 100 girl’s-only universities in Japan, and quite a few boy’s-only universities. Many more of these for Junior High and High School. Find out if they are still popular and why, in this podcast about Japanese Education.

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Student C:    Please listen to this short dramatization about boys’ and girls’ schools in Japan.
Student A:    Oh, I wish there were more female students at Todai. I really miss my high-school days at a girls’ school.
Student B:    Well I heard that life is pretty hard at girls’ schools. Too much competition and even bullying sometimes. Life is much easier at boys’ schools.
Student A:    You poor thing!! You don’t know anything about girls’ schools. There is no better place than girls’ schools. What I heard is that boys’ schools are places for ‘otaku’ or nerds.  Boys there don’t take care of their appearance because there are no girls looking at them. Oh, and also, boys’ schools are dirty and smelly aren’t they? Continue reading Boy’s Skills, Girls Schools and Co-ed schools

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Entrance Exam Wars

Listen to this dramatization of a family arguing about Entrance Exams and preparation for their children. It does cause a lot of social disharmony here in Japan.

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Hello, today we’re going to introduce one aspect of the Japanese educational system.
Here we have a family, the father and mother talking about the education for their child.
M:you’re gonna be in fifth grade in elementary school, so we have to think about going to a cram school.
C:A cram school?
F:Why does she have to go to a cram school?
M:Of course, in order to take the entrance examination for junior high school.
Today, in Japan, going to a good junior high school influences every child’s future.
F: That’s crazy. Kids are too young to worry about their future.
M: No, but listen… Continue reading Entrance Exam Wars

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Foreign Language Education

Most of the foreign language classes in Japan are for English, but there are others as well. Find out the details of how these are taught and what kinds there are in this new podcast about Japanese Education.



Group E “Foreign Language Education”

C:Hello everyone. My name is Shyunya. In today’s discussion, we will be talking about “foreign language education in Japan.” We have two guests over to share their point of view on this topic. Our first guest today is Saya, who studies economics at Tokyo University. Thank you for coming Saya.
A:It’s a pleasure to be here.
C:And our second guest is Younosuke, who is a businessman from Niigata. Thank you for coming Younosuke.
B:No problem. Continue reading Foreign Language Education

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English Skills Classes in Japan

English education is notorius in Japan for being ineffective, even though all students spend 6 years learning it in high school and junior high. Find out what students think about the current system in Japan.



Learning English for Tomorrow

Thank you very much for downloading our 5-minute podcast program “Thinking about Japanese society”. I’m the anchor on this program, Taro Asoboh. Today we’ve got 2 special guests to our discussion on “Leaning English for Tomorrow”. Kinjiro Zenigata, the research fellow of the Financial Institute of the Mitsutomo Bank, and the world-famous wandering musician, Charao Miyazaki. Good morning, both of you.
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Liberal Arts In Japan

Surprisingly, a true liberal arts education is very rare in Japan. One of the few places it is practiced is at the University of Tokyo. Find out why the students like it and dislike it in this new podcast on education.



Hello, everyone. This is a podcast report about Educational Systems, especially in Japan. Today’s topic is Liberal Arts, which is the educational system used at the University of Tokyo. At first, we’ll talk about what is Liberal Arts. Next, we’ll invite some students from Tokyo University to ask about the reality of Liberal Arts.
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Yutori Education

Yutori Education is a system introduced in Japan to give students more freedom to study what they want. Find out if it is working and how university students feel about it.

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<Script about ‘YUTORI’ education>

Narrator:  One day in 2005 in one town in Japan…..
Child:  The area of a circle is…ah, its radius squared, times 3!!
Mother:  Oh, 3? But pi is 3.14, isn’t it?
C:  But I learned it was 3 in my school.
N:  This child belongs to the ‘YUTORI’ generation—those who were taught less than other generations in their compulsory education.
In the 1970’s, Japanese children were taught very large amounts and high level subjects in school. This curriculum was the result of the policy of the Japanese government. Its aim was to improve people’s abilities in science in order to fight against the developing world. Continue reading Yutori Education

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School Uniforms in Japan

School uniforms are very popular here. Listen to two students argue about their benefits and drawbacks. Find out if perceptions are changing among young people.

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N: As you know, in Japan, many junior high and high schools adopt a school uniform system. Even public schools do. It’s very unique compared to many other countries, where in public schools students can wear any clothes they like. I wonder why school uniform is so popular in Japan. So today, we invite two high school students to this studio, and I’d like these two students to talk about this topic. The guests are Hanako and Taro. Continue reading School Uniforms in Japan

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