Go to bed now!

Sleeping is very important to everyone. But when you were child and you are adult time to sleep is different. What do you usually do before sleeping and how to have a good night. Van and Oanh will show you.

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Audio Interviews and Dialogues

Thank you for being patient! We have a new set of audio interviews and dialogs on topics interesting and informative from university students in Japan. They have chosen topics that are of interest to English speakers outside of Japan. We hope you enjoy them!

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Time for Rating!

Almost all the podcasts and scripts have been sent in. I will complete everything as the groups send in work.

To my students:

You should begin your Rating as soon as possible and finish before February 9. A good idea is to listen to your 12* podcasts, take quick notes (rate content, delivery and write one comment) on a piece of paper, then go to Moodle’s Rating sheet, and fill that out. Then you are finished. (*Remember, if you are assigned Group E, you only have to do 2 podcasts instead of 4, because there is no Group E in Period 2).

Note: Don’t wait until the last day. My web server gets “tired” when too many students access at the same time, and slows down a lot. You may have problems if you wait until Feb. 8.

If you forgot which groups to rate, see here.

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Beat Takeshi or Takeshi Kitano?

Fourth in our series about Japanese TV and movies, we have a crossover, a comedian that is also a film maker. Knows for his laughs inside Japan, he is better known outside Japan for his movies.

Hiroaki, Masahige and Hiroki



John: Hey,it`s been a while Taro.

Taro: Yeah I haven`t seen you for a while John. How`ve you been?

John: Just as usual. I work in the day time and go drinking or watch DVD`s at home at night

Taro: I was into watching [24],that American TV program about terrorism, on DVD recently too.It was exciting just like you said. Let’s go to my place and drink some beer.

John: Have you heard? A japanese movie director won a prize recently.
Continue reading Beat Takeshi or Takeshi Kitano?

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Young People don’t watch TV

Third in our 9-part series on Japanese TV and movies, we talk about how young people in japan are turning away from TV to other kinds of entertainment.

Manabu, 2 Yoheis, and a Takafumi

ref Pod1Per2GC


Do you watch TV?
In Japan, there are many problems with TV.
For example, one of the biggest TV companies gets into the red.
This is a story about a Japanese TV producer in his home.
A man has a problem.
He is a TV producer. Continue reading Young People don’t watch TV

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