How to use free time more effectively

We can use free time more effectively around Komaba. Students of University of Tokyo should know what they can do around Komaba. Any students of University of Tokyo can use Japanese style room in Komaba campus. Yusuke, Masanobu and Youma show how to use free time more effectively.

-Yusuke, Youma, Masanobu (P3G6) Late

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Japanese food is really healthy? –NO!!

The topic is Japanese food. Nowadays, not only Japanese people, but also many of foreigners take it granted that Japanese food is very healthy. Actually, however, Japanese food has some weak points. Mona, Kiyoto and Wakana will show you some risks of Japanese food, and the solutions.

See video Here.

-Kyoto, Mona, Wakana (P4G4)

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Saturday is better than Sunday!

Most people probably think Saturday is better than Sunday, but this is sometimes forgotten. All people who have forgotten this should again realize the value of Saturday and make the most of it. Although Saturday is the best day to have fun freely and actively, many people’s thought concentrates on the fact that TV shows on Saturday are boring!! Ibu, Rigou and Taiga introduce the merit of Saturday and the demerit of Sunday, and hope you spend Saturday doing something you can do only on Saturday and enjoy Saturday to the full!!!

See Video here.

-Ibu, Lihao, Taiga (P4G6)

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Do you know Wagashi?

Wagashi is Japanese traditional sweets. People who love only Western sweets should love also Wagashi. Wagashi has a keen sense of seasons and needs a delicacy.

See Video Here.

Hiroto, Machiko and Rika (P4G1) introduce you the attraction of Wagashi.

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The best way to spend time at Komaba

We tried to explain the way spending the time at Komaba without part-time job, and we want to change students who do this. We recommend that everyone should try to find their own way to make themselves happy at their own life. Toshiaki, Akihiro, and Taizo (P3G13) show you the example of spending the time at Komaba.


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