Talking Tokyo is a project created to get the word out on what is happening in Tokyo these days. It is a view close to the ground, from the eyes and mouths of university students. Most topics run in series, such as Youth Culture, or Otaku, or Relations between the sexes. Sometimes the audio files are a little hard to understand, but are well worth the effort if you want to know what is really happening, not what the media tell you.

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  1. Hi, I’m Kevin Ryan, more often known on the web as TokyoKevin. I teach full time at Showa Women’s University and on Tuesdays, am a part-time lecturer at the University of Tokyo. I used to teach a class in Radio Production, but have since switched to podcasting. As part of many of my classes I encourage students to explain about Japan in English. I put up many of these short (3-5 min) little excerpts about topics concerning Japan. I hope you enjoy it. You can contact me at tokyokevin@gmail.com.

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