New Year’s?

At Oshougatsu, we have many unique events. Some Japanese people think it’s a bother, but they should reconsider  its value. Almost all events are considered to bring you happiness. Harue and Yusei shows how meaningful the events are. (T4N)

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The raise of tuition of national university

The Japanese government is planning to raise the tuition of national universities. Students and students-to-be in Japan should be concerned that they are in fact the unfair situation. The government receives exchange students with profits though there are not enough financial support for Japanese students. Kiro and Iho explain the fact. (T3E)

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Why baseball is more popular than soccer in Japan

In most countries around the world, the most major sport enjoyed is soccer or football. Thus, it is natural to think that soccer or football would be the most popular sport in Japan. However, baseball is the most popular sport. Furthermore, soccer is not yet a major sport in Japan. Why is this? In this video, Taro and Kengo will explain why this is so. Let’s learn about the Japanese history and mentality of baseball.

-Taro and Kengo (T3F)


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