Time for Rating!

Almost all the podcasts and scripts have been sent in. I will complete everything as the groups send in work.

To my students:

You should begin your Rating as soon as possible and finish before February 9. A good idea is to listen to your 12* podcasts, take quick notes (rate content, delivery and write one comment) on a piece of paper, then go to Moodle’s Rating sheet, and fill that out. Then you are finished. (*Remember, if you are assigned Group E, you only have to do 2 podcasts instead of 4, because there is no Group E in Period 2).

Note: Don’t wait until the last day. My web server gets “tired” when too many students access at the same time, and slows down a lot. You may have problems if you wait until Feb. 8.

If you forgot which groups to rate, see here.

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