Young People don’t watch TV

Third in our 9-part series on Japanese TV and movies, we talk about how young people in japan are turning away from TV to other kinds of entertainment.

Manabu, 2 Yoheis, and a Takafumi

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Do you watch TV?
In Japan, there are many problems with TV.
For example, one of the biggest TV companies gets into the red.
This is a story about a Japanese TV producer in his home.
A man has a problem.
He is a TV producer.
His boss got angry with him because the programs he made are not successful.
Producer (P)
Hmm, according to this statistics, the biggest problem may be that young people don’t watch TV.
If they watch TV as they once did, the program rating will rise.
Anyway, somewhere in the home is so loud I can’t concentrate on thinking.
Perhaps my son Youhei and his friend are playing Video games on the first floor.
I think 20-year-old boys should not do such silly things.
I ask them why they don’t watch TV.
He goes down the stairs.
Hello guys.
I think young people these days don’t watch TV.
Because nowadays TV programs are too boring.
In all the programs there are almost all the same TV stars, and what they do is almost always the same.
Oh, but the announcers are really cute, especially Junko Suzuki (you write name).
So you mean that you’ve got tired of watching TV, and when you watch TV, it’s for beautiful women.
How about you? Hmm…(PAUSE)
Oh, I’m Takahumi Niikura.
I often watch TV.
I have lived by myself since last April.
When I am in my room, I’m really lonely.
So I always turn on the TV to hear peoples’ voices on TV.
I feel more secure when I hear their voices.
I don’t mind whether it is interesting or not.
Oops, it is no matter for you whether it’s interesting or not, isn’t it?
What you say is too disappointing.
What do you do instead of watching TV?
When I was young, I couldn’t imagine life without TV.
For example, the Internet, the video games, E-mails, and so on.
Times have changed.
You said you wanted to be a TV producer, but I don’t think that is a very good idea.
After saying so, he goes back to his room.
In his room, he begins to write a proposal for new program.
At first he decides to promote the female announcer who his son likes.

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